A:Practice is a both organisational and artistic development tool designed to support cultural institutions in rooting their raison d’être in the present of multiply intertwined global crises. It aims at finding, developing, and establishing cultural, socio-political, and artistic fields of action that are not only adequately responsive to the challenges of the current environmental and political issues but also adaptable to the specific qualities and characteristics, needs and possibilities of the respective institutions. Moreover, A:Practice is dedicated to promoting trans-institutional networking and sharing of experiences, ideas, and resources in order to enhance the effectivity and public resonance of eco-sensitive productions and ideational outputs of ecological awareness.
A:Practice has been developed in a transcontinental cooperation with the Forgotten Angle Theater Collaborative (FATC) in Mpumalanga, South Africa. [See Project History]. It is both theory- and research-based, meaning that the project focuses, in addition to up-to-date political stagings, activities and activisms, on the sustainable development of rhetoric, narrative, dramaturgical, and communicative means grounded on principles of ecological thought, action, and understanding of the world we’re living in. In other words, A:Practice is neither just another manifesto nor another to-do-list of ecological measures. It’s a re-worlding practice in every respect. It suggests that ecological transformations can be achieved in reasonably manageable subprocesses that will gradually fit into an integral institutional attitude towards an ecological future based on nothing less than common sense. [See A:Practice Matrix Of Action]
Though A:Practice is conceived to be applicable to cultural institutions in general, it first and foremost addresses theatres and institutions of the performing arts because of their unique position and potential as venues of open and unbiased public debate today. If you are interested in learning more about this project, don’t hesitate to contact us. [See Participants And Contact Data]

Yours sincerely
Barbara Ellenberger & PJ Sabbagha